BarZero Zirconia

Aesthetics Meets Integrity

Realize the best in form and function with this frameless, screw-retained restoration
BarZero Zirconia Hero

"Both our patients and our clinical team cannot be more pleased with both the aesthetics and the durability of the BarZero Zirconia restorations. Cagenix has found a way to make these restorations more life-like than any we have seen before."

Dr. Bradley Frederick


Through a unique engineering design process, BarZero Zirconia focuses on coping integrity—using full copings versus thimbles—functionally providing outstanding durability, especially for bruxers and noncompliant patients. It’s also a smart option for patients wanting to minimize metal usage. The aesthetics are second to none, and zirconia provides better hygiene and higher patient satisfaction over traditional tooth or acrylic hybrids.


  • Milled monolithic zirconia duplicates contours of DWU or virtual setup
  • Outstanding wear characteristics compared to traditional denture tooth acrylic hybrids
  • Arrives complete and ready to install
  • Reduced time in the chair and lower rates of repair
  • 10 mm restorative space or greater


Before BarZero Zirconia Installation
After BarZero Zirconia Installation

Courtesy of Dr. Jamiah K. Dawson, DDS, Micoi, Maaip