“The AccuFrame IC solves any problems with fracturing and weight. The zirconia crowns give me the benefits of zirconia, plus individual crowns make it easy to personalize and make beautiful, but strong and resilient. I love the ease of working with Cagenix on this and other products, but the AccuFrame IC is my personal go-to for the best and longest lasting prosthesis.”

Ryan Winfield, CDT


A unique, patented, all-on-x restorative solution that utilizes both full-contour individual crowns and our AccuFrame Plus framework, AccuFrame IC provides guaranteed fit, exceptional aesthetics, maximized function and long-lasting performance and durability. A smart choice for patients with increased wear traits (like bruxers or grinders) seeking to regain full functionality with the highest-quality restoration and substantial savings over traditional individual crown restorations.

AccuFrame IC is stronger than traditional fixed-hybrid restorations. As opposed to traditional fixed hybrids using denture teeth, the patented AccuFrame IC design allows for the transfer of occlusal loads to implants for optimal performance and prevents acrylic fractures that commonly plague traditional fixed hybrids. The zirconia crowns are fully supported by the titanium substructure, causing reduced stress on the acrylic gingiva, and provide a more resilient occlusal surface with a reduced wear rate in comparison to denture teeth. AccuFrame IC is also a cost-effective option due to improved ability to remove and repair the restoration, and quick and easy crown replacement via our lingual retrieval notch and digitally stored crown files. It can be used anytime a standard hybrid would be considered without additional office visits. Plus, with no investment in lab equipment required, it’s easy to get started.


  • Individual crowns in high-strength aesthetic zirconia which most accurately mimics natural teeth
  • Fewer steps and an easier system for processing acrylic gingiva mean fast turnaround
  • Titanium frameworks engineered to mate perfectly with crowns
  • Supports current or future millable material
  • 10 mm restorative space or greater


Before AccuFrame IC Installation
After AccuFrame IC Installation

Courtesy of Dr. Nick Abujamra, DDS, MS