With Tens of
Thousands of Arches

and Counting

Working directly with dental professionals to design and manufacture custom dental prostheses for your patients, we are focused on servicing your every need. Our unique combination of medical device manufacturing with lab capabilities allows us to leverage years of experience and engineering expertise to implement custom device manufacturing into your dental practices and services with confidence, so you can maximize patient visits and reduce repairs.

“Everyone at Cagenix is a great communicator. They make the impossible simple and efficient, and the final product looks and feels genuine. You never have to sell anyone on Cagenix. When the doctor and patient see it, they want it!”

Ryan Winfield, CDT

Planning for Success


Using sophisticated CAD/CAM technology and a patented, proprietary imaging process, Cagenix designs and fabricates prostheses that replicate your patient’s setup and master cast with guaranteed accuracy.


We know you have enough to worry about without adding the concern of platform support to the mix. That is why we strive to support one of the widest ranges of implant and abutment systems in the industry.


All digital files are maintained for life, which gives you access to the full repository of information from designs, specifications and more.


Our communication throughout the process ensures all the points are covered—from appropriate diagnostics, impressions and model work through final product delivery.

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Driven by Innovation

Founded by a prosthodontist who wanted to provide better products for his full-mouth restoration patients, Cagenix has led the way in customization, durability, quality and service. We offer a full range of implant-supported solutions for full-arch and fixed-hybrid restorations designed for better eating and speaking, and an assortment of materials and colors to cover every customer’s aesthetic requirements and financial ability. Plus, we back it all with our lifetime framework warranty.

The Cagenix Lifetime
Framework Warranty

As a treating clinician, rest assured that your Cagenix product will conform to the original order specifications, meet our most stringent quality standards and perform as intended. If it does not, we will remake the product at no charge to you, and even cover the cost of a replacement implant if the implant manufacturer fails to honor its warranty due to use of a Cagenix framework. The industry-leading Cagenix Lifetime Framework Warranty continues our tradition of excellence in product innovation and dedication to total customer satisfaction.

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