AccuFrame Frameworks

Cagenix designed our innovative AccuFrame bars and frameworks to provide a substructure for multiple implant-based prostheses — and significant advantages over competitive frameworks.

Each AccuFrame device is custom-milled from a single piece of titanium alloy for superior strength, and guaranteed to match your patient’s master cast with 100% accuracy. In fact, these frameworks fit nearly every implant system, and allow implants to be mixed within a single prosthesis, so your patients will benefit from the greatest diversity and aesthetics of any custom framework cleared by the FDA. Every AccuFrame product carries a Lifetime Warranty, available to the treating clinician, that ensures the device will perform as intended or be replaced at no cost.

As with all Cagenix products, you pay for the prosthesis, not the process. You won’t pay a dollar in initial costs, equipment purchases or training. Even the XpresReview software which you need to review and approve the design of your AccuFrame product prior to manufacturing is provided for free.

What this means for your practice:

  • With "All-on-4" Frameworks as low as $850, you can't afford to trust anything but a genuine Cagenix AccuFrame.
  • Money savings. No capital investment, no equipment expenditures or training costs.
  • Time savings. No cutting and soldering, fewer patient visits, easier implantation with screw, cement or combination connections.
  • Patient satisfaction. Improved fit, greater durability, more comfort, better aesthetics.

What this means for your lab:

  • Money savings. No capital investment, significant labor savings, no initial or additional training, reduced material and component inventory costs, no additional fees for non-standard designs.
  • Time savings. Supports every implant system, allows a mix of implants.

What this means for your patients:

  • Great results. Superior aesthetics, superior strength.
  • Time saving. Reduced visits to the dentist/prosthodontist, shorter wait time for the final prosthesis.