Meet Dr. Bradley A. Purcell, DDS, MS

How long have you been in practice?

Since 2005

What’s the most challenging aspect of your practice?

Over the course of time, it was finding the right team members to be on the same page and build the staff that we have today. That was the biggest challenge over the long-term. Currently, the biggest challenge is managing how busy we are and meeting the patients’ demands.

What do you love about what you do?

The most gratifying part is changing people’s lives. We have a practice that focuses on comprehensive and complex dentistry, so we are making a big difference in their life. We are boosting their self-esteem, giving them function back and improving their overall quality of life. Every day is different. In addition, there is always new and exciting technologies coming out. We try very hard as a practice to stay on top of all the tech coming out. Within the practice we have networked intraoral scanners, six 3D printers, CBCT, 5 axis mill etc., so it’s really a lot of fun to learn about and implement the technology, so that keeps the job very exciting as well.

Why do you like working with Cagenix?

My main area of study, practice and publication has been the long-term maintenance of hybrid restorations. The most common complication of a hybrid restoration is prosthetic tooth fracture. In our publication we found that it occurs at a 30% incidence across all time periods over 9 years. When restoring a lot of hybrids, this can add substantial frustrating maintenance into your daily life.

I was actually on a plane leaving to teach when I was researching to find a solution.  I had just come from the practice and had several repairs that day and needed a solution for this and found Cagenix. It was then I realized they were producing a solution with much more fracture resistant teeth. I was very intrigued. I immediately started working with Cagenix restoring both the AccuFrame IC and the AccuFrame 360. It was life changing. First the service was impeccable, but more importantly the complication rate dropped from our published number of 30% to an unpublished number of 4% over the same time period. We of course are treating a lot more patients than we had in the study, which made the decrease in maintenance much more profound.

At this time we restore almost exclusively the AccuFrame 360 product with the zirconia teeth and feldspathic pink porcelain. We have also found that the opposing dentition is not experiencing advanced wear. These have proven to be bullet-proof with respect to any other restoration we have. The seat times are minimal, particularly for a full arch fixed restoration, and the patients love them. Over time we do not have tooth wear so the long-term maintenance on the appliance is very minimal, especially compared to conventional denture teeth or acrylic denture teeth on hybrids that require replacement about every 7-9 years.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

My number one thing is spending time with my two boys, Carter and Alex and wife Nicole. Nothing tops that. Whether we are playing sports, fishing, boating, playing video games, that’s my favorite activity.