Introducing BarZero, the NEW frameless provisional restoration family from Cagenix.

BarZero Express

Immediate Screw-Retained Milled PMMA Provisional

Faster, more durable immediate conversions for your patients

  • Ideal for day-of-surgery conversions
  • “Trough” design picks up copings intra-orally then secures them with acrylic
  • Install restoration in about an hour
  • Improved strength over traditional options
  • Significantly reduce repair incidents, with >95% success rate during our beta testing program
  • Improved aesthetics & patient satisfaction
  • Available with a palate and flanges if desired

BarZero LTP

Long Term Screw-Retained Milled PMMA Provisional

Durable Monolithic PMMA barless restoration provides excellent value

  • Ideal interim prosthesis to temporize the patient during osseointegration
  • Arrives complete and ready to install
  • Improved strength over traditional options
  • Monolithic design reduces repair incidents
  • Improved aesthetics & patient satisfaction