Cagenix™ Introduces AccuFrame® Plus Dental Frameworks

The Most Accurate Devices on the Market — Now with the Most Natural Color
MEMPHIS, TN – February 21, 2011

Cagenix is proud to announce that we have expanded our AccuFrame line of bars and frameworks to include AccuFrame® Plus— the first colorized milled-titanium framework on the market. AccuFrame Plus devices are manufactured using a proprietary (and patent-pending) colormasking process that changes the surface of the titanium frame from gray to a natural color. As a result, the prosthetic looks completely natural when placed in the patient's mouth.

In addition to providing the most natural and aesthetic result for the patient, Cagenix's new colormasking process helps dental practices and labs save time by delivering a bar that comes ready to process. It is colorized to match the natural dentition and has a micro-retentive surface for acrylic retention. No need to etch or blast the surface; no need to carefully apply the resin material; and no need to wait for the light cured material to harden. The surface of the AccuFrame Plus provides you all of features you require without the time and expense of current procedures.

AccuFrame and AccuFrame Plus bars and frameworks are custom-designed, implant-based dental prosthetics. Each bar and framework is individually created using a proprietary process and CAD/CAM technology to perfectly match the patient's anatomy, and milled from a single piece of titanium alloy to allow for superior strength. Our unique processes ensure that AccuFrame — and now AccuFrame Plus — devices are the most accurate, diverse and aesthetic custom framework cleared by the FDA.

The management and staff at Cagenix are committed to providing prosthodontists with the most innovative and cost-effective products on the market. The introduction of AccuFrame Plus prostheses is evidence of our dedication to continually advancing product development and total customer satisfaction. More information about our company and products may be found online at

Cagenix was founded in 2005 by Carl W. Schulter, DDS, FACP and Past-President of the American College of Prosthodontists to develop and research new devices for implant dentistry. The company is focused on meeting the demand for custom-designed bars and frameworks that offer unsurpassed fit, comfort, aesthetics and convenience. Combining the experience of a respected clinician with the innovation of biomedical engineers has enabled Cagenix to take a fresh approach to the manufacturing and distribution of dental devices. For more information, please visit