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For years, the only options for fixed-hybrid cases have been traditional restorations with common denture teeth that are affordable but lack durability, or extremely expensive, complex individual crown options. Our new AccuFrame IC (Individual Crown) System is removing the price barrier to improved look and performance of your fixed-hybrid cases — and making it possible for you to offer the highest quality full-arch restorations at truly affordable prices.

AccuFrame IC restorations utilize individual crowns in a choice of ceramic materials, including high-strength zirconia, e.max® or even layered porcelain, on our award-winning AccuFrame or AccuFrame Plus titanium frameworks. The result? Guaranteed fit, superior appearance and long-lasting performance.

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What this means for your practice, or your lab:

  • Stronger than traditional fixed-hybrid restorations: Virtually eliminates tooth wear and breakage.
  • Easy to get started: No investment in lab equipment or training.
  • Simple processing: Requires only your order and set-up information.
  • Fast turnaround: Receive your completed AccuFrame IC restoration in about 14 business days.

What this means for patients:

  • Finally! Affordable, premium fixed-hybrid dental replacements!
  • Superior appearance: Teeth look and feel completely natural.
  • Superior performance: Reduced risk of tooth wear and breakage and subsequent return visits to the dentist/prosthodontist.
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